Bharat Chalise

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Recent trend of globalization is emerging in Asian Countries. Every countries trying to keep in close contact with other country in economy, politics, and culture. Therefore, many countries make up institutions together to cooperate and promote mutual development. In few decades globalization is shifting from New York to South Asian region. There is great diversification among the countries of this region according to their culture, economy and governance system.

The world economy is changing constantly. The South Asian region occupies a far more important place today than it did only a decade ago, but one which will likely be exceeded in importance by its role in the future.

The world we left behind at the end of the 20th century was very different from what it was at the beginning of that century. Dramatic changes to the scientific and engineering world have undoubtedly - brought enhanced wealth and living standards to a small proportion of the world’s population but it has also been accompanied by unpredictable upheavals in the economy of every part of the world, uncompromising social attitudes and unacceptable pollution and damage to the environment. Societal transformations and upheavals have occurred due to the insatiable consumption of the world’s natural resources, uncontrolled pollution of our environment, creation of unacceptable quantities of waste, unacceptable disparity in the standards of living, unprecedented population growth and worldwide urbanization. This complex scenario has also resulted in unbelievable damage, deterioration and destruction of our infrastructure. 

Construction Economy and Design of Sustainable Structures are the governing concern of people and government. My contribution as a structural engineer always positive to the sustainable development of Nepal. My thoughts, unlike others we are totally in a perfect time to  drive our construction economy with best possible use of technologies. Developed countries already invested and investing huge amount of capital for research and development. We are the luckiest one to use those resources without any cost on R & D. This is why Shanghai is beautiful than New York. Why not Kathmandu can be more beautiful than Shanghai?